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Barney Davis to Naval Air Station

The Flour Bluff peninsula area of south Corpus Christi is presently served by 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission lines originating from the west across Oso Bay and from the east from the barrier islands.  

There are five equipment outage combinations that could require load to be shed in order to recover from unacceptable service conditions. The worst outage is the loss of one of the autotransformers at Airline Substation, when the other is out of service for repair or maintenance.

The autotransformer outage at Airline Substation will cause a voltage collapse in the Flour Bluff area and the barrier islands, which will result in wide spread loss of electrical service to the area.  

On five occasions, outages of both Airline Substation 69-kV lines serving the area have resulted in loss of electric service to the area.

These are unacceptable outage consequences pursuant to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Planning Guides and National Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards.


In January 2013, ERCOT approved this project to address this service reliability issue for the Flour Bluff area specifically and the Corpus Christi region and the barrier islands in general.

The project requires Electric Transmission Texas (ETT) to construct a new 138-kV transmission line to connect the Barney Davis Substation and the Naval Base Substation. At Naval Base Substation, AEP Texas Central Company (TCC) is required to upgrade the 69-kV substation with a new 138-kV / 69-kV autotransformer.  

ETT is a joint venture of the subsidiaries of American Electric Power and Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company.  AEP is the parent company of AEP Texas Central Company.  

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