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Nopalito to Sand Dollar to Las Brisas & Lon Hill to Sand Dollar to Las Brisas 345-kV Transmission Line

Chase Power Development, LLC requested interconnection for a new 1300 MW generation plant consisting of two 650 MW units.

Pursuant to Public Utility Commission of Texas Substantive Rule 25.191(b)(3), a transmission service provider (such as ETT) shall interconnect its facilities with new generating resources and construct facilities needed for such interconnection.

Pursuant to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Generation Interconnection Request process and procedures and ERCOT Regional Planning Group Charter and Procedures, AEPSC on behalf of ETT and AEP TCC, studied the interconnection request to determine the necessary transmission facilities to interconnect the new generation. ERCOT also performed an economic analysis on the study results to determine the ERCOT system benefits of the new generation compared to the estimated cost.

An interconnection study determined that the existing transmission system in the area of the request was not capable of supporting the new 1300 MWs of generation.

Two 345 kV transmission lines are needed to interconnect the generation to the existing transmission network, such that the outage of a single line would not result in the outage of the generation. These two lines will increase the reliability and efficiency of the transmission network in the Corpus Christi area and provide the energy transfer capacity to deliver the 1300 MWs of generation into ERCOT.

The Lon Hill Substation to Sand Dollar Substation 345 kV transmission line provides a 345 kV transmission path into the Lon Hill Substation, which has five existing 345 kV transmission lines interconnecting it to the ERCOT transmission network.

The new Nopalito Substation provides multiple 345 kV exit paths, one going back to the Lon Hill Substation, the second going to the Whitepoint Substation and the other going to the South Texas Project.

ETT is a new transmission utility co-owned by subsidiaries of American Electric Power (AEP) and Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company. AEP is the parent company of AEP Texas Central Company (TCC).

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